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Review 2018 Mas Doix Costers De Vinyes Velles 750ml

2018 Mas Doix Costers De Vinyes Velles 750ml

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Red - Spain - Priorat - Granache, Carignan
About the Wine

Mas Doix is a family-owned winery with a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. It is situated in the picturesque village of Poboleda, nestled in the heart of the Priorat region. The winery's name, "Mas Doix," is derived from the Catalan word "mas," which refers to a traditional farmhouse, and "Doix," the surname of the family that has dedicated itself to winemaking for generations.

   The winery is set against a stunning backdrop of rugged mountains and terraced vineyards that characterize the Priorat landscape. The region's unique terroir, characterized by its slate and quartzite soils known as "licorella," contributes to the distinctive flavor profile of Mas Doix wines.

   Mas Doix is known for its commitment to producing limited quantities of high-quality wines. The winery focuses primarily on red wines, which are crafted using traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern advancements. The grapes used in their wines are predominantly Grenache (Garnacha) and Carignan (Cariñena), which thrive in the warm and dry climate of the Priorat region.

    Placing strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, they employ organic and biodynamic farming practices, ensuring that the vineyards are nurtured in harmony with nature. This approach not only respects the environment but also contributes to the expression of the unique terroir in the final wines.

Mas Doix Costers De Vinyes Velles Is The Upper Eschelon Of Priorat's Finest. 

Winemaker Notes
Old vines aren’t worth a farthing unless they are planted in the right place – luckily the Doix vineyard is just such a site. This is the oldest vineyard at Mas Doix, a steep, natural amphitheater that starts at 350m above sea level before topping off at 500m. The oldest vines of Carinyena were planted here, in the fractured llicorella soils, starting in 1902, followed by some terribly youthful (by comparison!) 80 year-old Garnatxa. The wines from this site are concentrated but quite balanced – showing the hallmark acidity and minerality characteristic of all of the wines from this address.

Elegance and complexity with a strong, unique personality.

45% 80 year old Grenache and 55% from 100 year old Carignan vines.
Hills of “llicorella”, Paleozoic laminar slate, at an altitude of 350-450 meters above sea level. Yields of 300 g grape/vine.
Certified organic viticulture. Harvesting by hand into 10 kg crates. Grape by grape classification using a double selection table. Fermentation of destemmed grapes in stainless steel tanks finished in wood. 16 months in a new barrel of French oak.
4.500 bottles in March 2019 without clarification or filtration.
Alcohol content: 15% vol. / pH: 3.32 / Total acidity: 6.6 g / L

It has ripe black fruit, aromatic Mediterranean herbs and generous spice and smoke with a graphite note.  Powerful and full-bodied, made to last. Minerality is excellent in this wine, with an great mix of fruit and non-fruit flavors leading to a soft texture and gentle acidity with round tannins and a long, lingering finish.