Dallas Wine Storage

Our goal at Roots and Water Storage is to provide you with a safe, secure, and convenient storage facility for your wines.


Climate Control

The most important thing when storing your wine is to make sure it is stored at the proper temperature. Your personal storage units will be temperature and humidity controlled. Our facility is kept at a constant 55 degrees and 70% humidity to make sure your wines age at the perfect rate.

Our cooling units have 100% redundancy, using twice as many cooling units than are needed to keep our facility at 55 degrees for perfect storage. Additionally, we have a backup diesel generator to insure that even during a power outage your wines will be stored perfectly. 


24/7 Security

Making sure your wine is protected is our utmost priority. Each storage row is secured with a 2-point access system as well as monitored by Promontory Insight. Our security provider professionally monitors each security camera. In case of a security breach, Promontory Insight will be able to quickly assess the situation and notify the proper authorities.

In addition, the temperature is consistently monitored and we are notified if there is more than a 5 degree variation.


Extended Business Hours for Access

We know that your schedule is not always in line with normal business hours, so we allow access between 8am and 11pm for your convenience.


Wine Storage Locker Pricing

Our standard storage unit holds 24 cases (288 bottles) and are 48” wide, 36” tall, and 28” deep (4 cases wide, 3 cases tall, 2 cases deep)

*Storage tubes will be available for purchase if you would like to store your wines in a laydown format, so they are more accessible.


24 Case Storage Locker - $70 per month

               *Special Price: $700 per year – Get two months free if you pay annually. A value of $140!


Larger, custom storage units will be available upon request.


Wine Concierge Service - $50/Month

Always Know Exactly Where Your Wines Are

Have you ever spent hours looking for a bottle, only to find that it was in the back corner of your cellar? Now you can know exactly where your wine is at all times.  Our wine experts will box/bin number your entire collection, so you know precisely where everything is. Any time you bring new wines in or take a bottle home we will add/remove it from your collection.

*Cellars over 100 bottles will require an initial inventory count at $1 per bottle.


Online Wine Cellar

Easily peruse your entire collection from your phone or computer. We partner with CellarTracker, allowing you to have your entire collection at your fingertips. Look up tasting notes, see the value of your collection, or print off a copy of your collection to show off to your friends in seconds.


Never Worry About Missing a Package

It can sometimes be difficult to arrange your schedule with the UPS drivers. Now you can stop fretting about what time the package will arrive. Let us take care of receiving the wines for you, and we can get them into the perfect temperature as soon as possible as well as add them to your online collection.


Pre-Pulled wines

If you are in a hurry and need your wines quickly, just let us know. We can pre-pull your bottles and have them ready to be picked up with a few hours’ notice.


Wine Deliveries and Pick up

For a $10 delivery charge, we can have your wines dropped off right to a location of your choice. All we need is a 24-hour notice and we can have your wines delivered to you at your convenience.

Did you bring home some wines for a party, but did not use them all? That’s fine! We are happy to come by and pick the wines up and put them back into storage for you.